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Our Approach

Energy usage considerations are the starting point of every project.

Practical solutions, robust engineering

The quality of your plant affects the value of your property, while maintenance costs affect your operating margins and cashflow. We combine sophisticated engineering with proven technologies and robust equipment to reduce maintenance and deliver an optimal ownership experience. This goes hand-in-hand with our focus on efficiency, since the most energy efficient equipment is usually the most reliable and robust.

ROI is king

Kinetic offers a wide range of engineering services. Some of our projects require significant capital investment. By incorporating energy usage at the onset of the planning stage, we help our clients leverage the savings from energy efficiency to obtain financing. Thus the projected cash flow and payback provide the budgetary framework for the project.

Green marketing

Our focus on maximum efficiency provides value beyond measurable reduction in operating expenses. Green credentials have become an important marketing attribute for our real estate and industrial clients. Tenants ranging from high-end law firms to tech startups, realize that locating in a green building confers advantages for recruiting, branding, and social responsibility

rankings.  Same goes for our industrial clients, for whom green credentials are now a basic marketing requirement.

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