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Method - Project Process Overview

- Assessment of project needs & objectives

- If retrofit project, review inventory and condition of existing equipment

- Identification of possible technologies and solutions, and their applicability to the situation in the facility

- Review past energy use




- Inspect equipment

- Inspect electric & gas service

- Explore availability of space for additional equipment

Project scoping and preliminary data collection


Project scoping and preliminary data collection

Go/No Go analysis. 

Project economics overview

Engineering and Design



project study report

- Analysis and projections of energy savings and economic benefits (ROI, IRR)

- Detailed budget estimates of project costs 

- Identification of  rebates and incentives

- Overview of the technology options, with detailed equipment descriptions

- Preliminary schematics

- Determine location for the equipment, and interconnection to utility services

- Overview of long term ownership: 

warranty, service, maintenance.

- Develop scope for design and engineering services.

Detailed project analysis and feasibility

Project Management



- Develop bid packages 

- Invite approved, experienced contractors

- Organize and evaluate responses

- Follow up the evaluations with in-office sessions with each bidder, to validate that they have a complete grasp of the SoW

- Make recommendations to owner




- Hold kickoff meeting with all contractors and owner; set the stage for project procedures, building rules, etc.

- Supervise and coordinate activities and 

progress through regularly scheduled and ad-hoc meetings, and progress reports

- Provide design documents as necessary for filings with government agencies

- Interface with the utilities, and manage the interconnection process


Construction underway

Progress reports

- Witness test of the electric interconnection with utility

- Coordination with the gas utility for new or upgraded gas system

- Supervise system start up and balance the operation of the system

- Assist the contractors; modify the sequence of operation to ensure smooth operation

- Provide onsite training to the facility staff 

- Provide ongoing review and support throughout commissioning procedure, including coordination with relevant agencies for rebates and incentives


- Post Commissioning services: 

operational performance reprts and financial performance reports; on-going monitoring and verification




System handover


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